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A Few words about our work and concept

Data 4 Artists is a cloud-based application specifically designed to serve the managing needs of dance companies and schools.

Our solutions are designed and developed by seasoned professionals within the dance and performing arts fields. We acquire the knowledge and understanding about the operations of each dance company or school which, in turn, enables us to facilitate solutions and tools customized specifically for each client's needs.

As a modular-based engineered software, Data 4 Artists separates the functionality of an application into independent and interchangeable modules, allowing us to fully customize them to meet your current and future needs—adding, adjusting, and expanding them at any time. With limitless module options, we can create, develop, and deploy virtually any function and solution to fit the individualized needs of your company or school.

Data 4 Artists is not like other Web-based applications in the market that require you to adjust your vision and work-flow...

Data 4 Artists is here to work for you!


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A Few of our key Modules

This is the heart of the App! The starting point to manage Season settings, Classes, various Fees, Tuition/Class Charges, School/Company Calendars, and Artistic Staff/Student Schedules, etc. The system is also capable of handling multiple Semesters within seasons.

Within the Main Core, default features are already in place but fully customizable to serve your needs:

MC - Registrations (Parents)
Managing activities from a single point of reference: The Household (register students for a new season, Online and recurring payments, make a donation, buy tickets…)

MC - Students/Dancers
Evaluations and Evaluations with placements (School), full attendance reports with analytics, Financial reports, Season Rosters, History track, Season/Session Analytics

MC – Form Generator
Create unlimited forms within your App and attach them to activities (auditions, company, registrations...) or accounts (students, dancers, adults…) according to your needs and generate custom reports from submitted forms without the need to use third-party products or services
MC - Artistic Staff / Teachers / Faculty Management
Schedules, Working Hours, Substitute management, Private Lessons, Payrolls, Pianists, Assistants… All in one place to manage

MC - Performance Management
Managing Casts, Roles, Spots and Volunteers, generate Rehearsals, Fittings and Performance schedules connected with Student/Dancer individual account and Teacher/Artistic Staff Schedules

MC - POS (Point of Sale)
Handling and managing additional charges and line items (i.e., Housing, physical therapy sessions, privates classes, merchandise) and payments beyond basic tuitions charges with connections to an Application Account (Parent, Student, Adult…)

MC - Finances
Reporting from all Installed Modules, Recurring Payments and custom payment plans, Comparison Reports, Managing Charges, Credits and Scholarships and Payments/Refunds. Report Generator for each individually installed Module such as Cash Flow, Balance Aging , etc.
The "Daily Report" collects all financial activities in a single page with sub-reports for auditing validation. Transaction reports that include third-party fees for fast reconciliation/validation with your Online payment processor (e.g., PayPal)

The perfect tool to manage your Local, National or International registrations, video submissions, or simply to handle Online audition/placement personal requests with real time evaluations. You can also generate "Virtual Auditions" for groups or individuals taking advantage of all the tools and functions that the system has to offer as if in real location auditions

Ability to apply scholarships or special credits directly from the evaluations management and handling Accepted/Declined Students or Wait-lists with ease.

Results can be sent to groups or individuals via email with the click of a button without leaving the App.

Class Passes, Drop-ins Classes, Duration Passes, Program Enrollments, Memberships, Workshops and Community Programs. All in one place for easy management and a central point of reference of activities for your clients outside of the school.

Facing COVID challenges, we developed new tools and options in the System, giving you the ability to generate also "Virtual" classes or programs and connect them with "Virtual" passes or enrollments providing a verity of options for engagement and connections with clients outside of your physical geolocation

An easy way to handle all your events:
  • Theater numbered seating
  • Black Box open seating
  • Galas and Fundraising Events
  • Event Group Ticket Sales
  • RSVP Events with no fees

Managing campaigns, track donor activities and connections with the Main Core (Parent, Adult...)

Single or Recurring Rentals/Reservations for your facilities and Studios.
Usage reporting combined with the School/Company Schedule

Generate email lists with your custom criteria from all Modules. Direct notification or alerts to Parent/Dancer/Client Portal. SMS Capabilities and direct Cell Notifications

Inventory management with multiple options and categories for merchandises or services , Online Sales via Parent Portal, Orders Management, Postage printing ability

A single point to manage all your media/video activities with Pay-per-View capabilities. Online LIVE or prerecorded video classes or rehearsals can be connected directly to individual accounts (Students, Dancers, Adults, Artistic Staff…). Current media platforms like Zoom, Facebook, YouTube… can be connected in this Module

Connecting an Application with your own General Ledger accounts and Accounting Software was never a easy task.

Now you can generate GL Distribution reports form a single point, collecting all the necessary data from all your installed modules and create a bridge with your Accounting Software (like Quick Books). Debit/Credit GL Account report as Summary or Detail Reporting per account including Differed Revenues easily can be generated by defining you own set of custom accounting rules.

A non-intrusive and discreet tool to keep a record of "Who with Who, When and Where"

  • Tracking Visitor Activities inside your facilities
  • Tracking Students, Dancers and Adult Students
  • Tracking Artistic Staff, Teachers and faculty members
  • Tracking Maintenance personnel
  • Connections between individuals, groups (like classes/rehearsals) and locations (like studios, offices...)
  • Location attendance reports for specific time periods
  • Daily and discreet feedback from Parents (if needed) regarding Household Health Status with direct administrative staff alert notification

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Innovative Ideas

We are here to discuss with you any new idea that you might have and put it into coding


Our tech support and customer service are ready to help, resolve and refresh your memory on "How to.."


We never stop developing new tools to help you concentrate on your real job: Serving the Arts

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No long term contracts; just month to month . Stay with us as long as you are happy with our services

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This is your App. This is your School and Co. We are just here to handle all the techy stuff for you, the way you want it

Gallons of coffee

Portals for seamless work-flow

Administrative Portal

The heart of the system including User Management for easy access from all the Admins and Directors

All installed Modules in one place with a very friendly UI

  • Main Core Settings
  • System Tools
  • Auditions Management
  • Registrations
  • Students
  • Artist Staff and Co Management
  • Co Dancers
  • Adults & Community Programs
  • Classes & Teachers
  • Calendars and Schedules
  • Locations and Rentals Management
  • PoS (point of sales)
  • Donations & Fundraising
  • Virtual & Media Tools
  • Performances & Shows Management
  • Events & Ticket Sales
  • Messenger
  • !!! NEW !!! Add-On Services Managment (Housing, Private Lessons,...)

Parent / Student Portal

This is the single point of reference for the all the activities of a Household. A secondary Website with information just for your Patrons including his own CMS (Content Management System). From here parents can manage payments, review financial records, make donations, buy tickets and more. Most importantly they can review information related just to their own child(s)/student(s) :

  • Attendances and Online Absence Requests
  • Class schedules
  • Teacher evaluations with enrollment options
  • Submitting additional requested forms
  • Individual performance and show schedules
  • Videos and Virtual classes connected to student's Level
  • Sign Up to additional services (like housing...)

Adults Classes / Community Programs

Similar to the Parent / Student Portal but dedicated to individuals sing up with your Adult & Community Programs. Very friendly UI to help :

  • Enroll to Programs and Sign Up to Classes
  • Buy Class Passes for Virtual or in Studio Classes
  • Workshop registrations
  • Pay per View of selected live or prerecorded video classes
  • Review financial records

Artistic Staff / Teacher Portal

The central point of information for every Teacher and Artistic Staff

  • Personalize schedules including Rehearsals, Performances and Private Lessons
  • Class Subbing Management
  • Class Attendances of their own ONLY schedule
  • Doc Library Access crated from Admins
  • Tracking and Submitting Working Hours
  • Review financial records

Dancer Portal

Similar to Student Portal but dedicated to your Company Dances and Guest Artists

  • Personalize schedules including Rehearsals, Performances, events and meetings
  • Scheduling for additional services like Physical Therapy..
  • Forms Submitting
  • Doc Library Access crated from Admins
  • Tracking Working Hours
  • Real time Alerts, Messages and Notifications by the Co Management
  • Review financial records
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